Desktop Ballista

By kerkits


Shoot toothpicks into the ancient past with this desktop sized model of the Roman era siege engine, the Ballista.  This scale model can fire ordinary toothpicks as ammunition.  This is a kit of parts that you can assemble in about an hour or less.    Click here to download assembly instructions.  


  • Shoots ordinary toothpicks
  • Stands about 5 inches (12 cm) high
  • Includes working ratchet gear and pawl
  • Quality materials: Hard wood and steel.  No plastic
  • Elevation stake feature for aiming
  • Educational, learn simple machines and ancient history

 Click here to download assembly instructions.  

Note that the instructions are designed to be viewed on a computer or mobile device while assembling, rather than printed on paper.  The illustrations are large so that they are easy to see and understand, but this makes the instructions over 30 pages long. So be warned of that before you print a hard copy.


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