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A turnkey solution for machine vision designed for retro-reflective target detection.  If you're a FIRST® robotics competitor, this is an ideal vision solution for the 2017 STEAMWORKS game challenge.  If you are a robotics enthusiast it's equally applicable for robotic navigation using reflective targets.

Click here to see support page for RoboSight.

RoboSight is a Raspberry Pi based camera system combined with IR illumination all built into one package complete with an enclosure that allows for easy mounting. RoboSight definitively solves the vision problems experienced by other partial solutions that have various difficulties seen in either hardware or software limitations.  

Features of RoboSight:

  • Ready to run robot vision solution
  • Compliant with FIRST purchasing rules
  • Target results output via Ethernet to Network Tables running on RoboRio
  • 4 powerful IR LEDS illuminate targets in IR only space (reduces image to IR reflected light only)
  • Pulses IR LEDs to further eliminate non-target illuminations
  • Fast Onboard processing at 20 fps utilizing Pi's GPU
  • Most accurate results calculated from 1280x703 sized images
  • Automatically generates target distance, location, and angle in realtime
  • Runs on Robots own power (12VDC input)
  • Very low bandwidth IR preview video image available (if needed)
  • 150 deg viewable area (reduces need for panning)
  • Camera comes pre-calibrated

RoboSight combines a Raspberry Pi, wide angle IR sensitive camera, powerful IR LED illumination that is pulsed by the on-board processor to create an all-in-one sensor solution.  You supply 12V DC power using provided screw terminals, and the RoboSight outputs result to your Network Table via ethernet. The table contains the target distance (ft), X/Y pixel location in the video frame and the angle of the target from center image. Robosight also outputs a scaled down video frame for preview purposes that can be transmitted to the Desktop station in low bandwidth situations.



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